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Language, Learning, & Development Lab. Department of Psychology. Oklahoma State University

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Meet the researchers who make the lab run!

Dr. Sarah Kucker

Assistant Professor

Principle Investigator, Director


Dr. Sarah Kucker is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Oklahoma State University. She moved to OSU in the fall of 2018 and has previously held a faculty position at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (UWO), a postdoctoral fellowship at the Callier Center for Communication Disorders at the University of Texas Dallas (UTD), and served as an adjunct instructor at Southern Methodist University and the University of Iowa. She received her PhD in Psychology and Developmental Science from the University of Iowa. She currently directs the Language, Learning, and Development Lab and mentors the wonderful students who work with her (see below). Her research focuses on word learning, categorization, and the developmental trajectories of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. She also teaches a number of undergraduate and graduate courses at OSU on developmental psychology and research methods. More information on Dr. Kucker can be viewed here.

Current Undergraduate Students

Abbi W.

Sabrina T.

Averi B.

Katey C.

Aimee R.

Kailey B.

Lauren E.

Reagan B.

Jayla M.

Alyssa M.

Madalyn E.

Mary A.

Natalie W.

Caroline H.

Claire G.

Christina B.

Liesl M.

Madeline H.

Jaci D.

Spring 2020 Lab members: Back row: Lauren, Averi, Katey; 4th row: Madalyn, Aimee, Mary, Sabrina; 3rd row: Caroline, Jayla, Christina, Abbi; 2nd row: Liesl, Madeline, Dr. Sarah Kucker; Front row: Claire, Alyssa, Natalie, Reagan, Jaci; Not pictured: Kailey

Fall 2019 Lab members: Back row: Mary; 3rd row: Lauren, Averi, Liesl, Jayla, Caroline; 2nd row: Kailey, Jessica, Reagan; Front row: Alyss, Dr. Kucker, Madalyn. Not pictured: Christina, Katey, Aimee, Madeline, Abbi, Sabrina, Natalie, Claire

Lab Alumni

Spring 2019 Lab members: Back row (from left) - Haley, Sabrina; Middle row: Dr. Sarah Kucker, Abbi, Averi; Front row: Alexis, Hannah; Not pictured: Allie, Christina, Katey, Aimee, Jessica, Morgan, Cori

Fall 2018 Lab members (no picture): Morgan, Abbi, Allie, Sabrina, Cori, Christina

Spring 2018 Lab members: Back row (from left) - Samantha, Allison, Maddie, Alec, Third row: Kait, Garrett, Blair, Monica, Second row: Kyra, Erin, Rachel, Front row: Alex, Dr. Sarah Kucker, Megan, Kassidy

Jessica J. (OSU)

Morgan W. (OSU)

Allie P. (OSU)

Cori D. (OSU)

Hannah I. (OSU)

Haley M. (OSU)

Alexis S. (OSU)

Samantha N. (graduate student, UWO)

Aaron B. (graduate student, UWO)

Caileigh Z. (graduate student, UWO)

Megan P. (graduate student, UWO)

Rachel R. (UWO)

Shaylah G. (UWO)

Julianna W. (UWO)

Alyssa S. (UWO)

Alyssa S.B. (UWO)

Samantha G. (UWO)

Catherine L. (UWO)

Morgan S.C. (UWO)

Baileigh T. (UWO)

Alex M. (UWO)

Alec S. (UWO)

Kassidy U. (UWO)

Kyra P. (UWO)

Garrett E. (UWO)

Jessica A. (UWO)

Blair B. (UWO)

Erin S. (UWO)

Kaitlin B. (UWO)

Maddie B. (UWO)

Jamie L. (UWO)

Monica F. (UWO)

Rachel M. (UWO)

Morgan R. (UWO)

Maddie Z. (UWO)

Allison S. (UWO)

Nirali G. (UTD)

Anusha B. (UTD)

Grant H. (UTD)

Erika H. (UTD)

Maireigh N. (UTD)

Fall 2017 Lab members: Back row (from left) - Garrett, Catherine, Blair, Carolyn, Jess, Alyssa S., Maddie, Megan, Sam, Julianna, Alyssa S.B., Kyra, Erin, Morgan, Dr. Sarah Kucker, Samantha N.

Spring 2017 Lab members: Back row (from left) - Maddie, Erin, Alyssa S., Blair, Julianna, Jessica, Aaron; Front row - Dr. Sarah Kucker, Rachel, Alyssa S.B., Shaylah, Caileigh, Megan

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